RECE Supply Teacher

Job ID: #125

Job Type: Supply and Part-time Staff


The Supply and Part-Time Staff are required to:

  • Be willing to participate in Educational Workshops related to the Child Care Industry


The Supply and Part-Time Staff shall have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Adequate communication skills: verbal to communicate with parents, children and staff and written, to prepare notes and documents as required
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with a variety of people in an effective and courteous manner
  • A working knowledge of the Local Licensing Regulations and Procedures, Fire and Health Regulations and Company Educational Programs to ensure compliance with same
  • Planning and time management skills to plan program activities and schedule routines


The Supply and Part-Time Staff are responsible for:

  • Implementing with the support of the Room Supervisor and or Assistant Room Supervisor the program of educational activities set forth by our head office
  • Working with the Room Supervisor and or Assistant Room Supervisor in the preparation of weekly lesson plans
  • Working with the Room Supervisor and or Assistant Room Supervisor in maintaining the supplies and equipment needs for program
  • Observation of children notifying the Room supervisor and or Assistant Room Supervisor of any unusual behaviour and documenting in a daily log
  • Constantly ensuring a safe environment
  • Daily, preparation of the classroom for all planned activities
  • Daily, preparation of the outdoor area prior to playtime
  • Constantly ensuring a safe environment
  • Ensuring that all program requirements meet with the Day Nurseries Act
  • Ensuring that all program requirements meet our Assessment criteria


The Supply and Part-Time Staff are responsible for:

  • Keeping accurate attendance records so as to monitor the number of children in attendance at all times
  • Ensuring that a Prescription Drug Administration Form is filled out accurately both by the
  • Clients prior to administering medication and by herself after administering the medication
  • Recording all accidents/incidents on our Accident Report Form and a Playground Injury Log
  • Keeping a daily record of each child in a log book as well as maintaining communication with your co workers in a daily log
  • Daily completion of our forms as applicable: Baby Biz, Toddler Talents, My Day Note
  • Posting and updating allergy lists, including our Allergy Alert Form


The Supply and Part-Time Staff shall:

  • Facilitate adequate supervision of the children assigned to her room
  • Ensure that no child is left unattended at any time
  • Remain with her group during working hours except for scheduled breaks and lunch, unless otherwise assigned by Management
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining obvious disorders in halls, bathrooms, playgrounds, staffroom etc.
  • Ensure proper supervision of all children in his/her care on trips or walks outside the centre
  • Ensure proper supervision while escorting children to and from the centre to the bus or our centre's van


The Supply and Part-Time Staff is responsible for:

  • Preparing the classroom for end of day, chairs should be placed on tables
  • Maintaining an orderly, aesthetically pleasing physical environment conducive to optimal growth and development of children and that confirms to the standards of safety and cleanliness
  • Keeping his/her classroom in a tidy, clean and orderly manner
  • Assuming joint responsibility in maintaining that all toys and equipment are in good repair including puzzles, pegs and game pieces, reporting any broken or lost equipment to her Centre Director
  • Keeping all shared areas including: laundry room, central storage area, gym, staffroom etc. in a safe and orderly manner
  • Ensuring that beds are labelled for all children
  • Checking toys and equipment used in activities to ensure safe functioning
  • Sanitizing toys and equipment weekly and as necessary
  • Checking all areas frequented by the children for safety, including washrooms, playgrounds, etc.
  • Ensuring that washrooms are kept clean and disinfected at all times
  • Maintaining hygiene practices including hand and face washing, runny noses and general grooming where children are concerned, assist in Toilet Training as required
  • Following our Diapering and Toilet Training Policies and Procedures
  • Making sure that all children appear neat, tidy and well groomed upon leaving the centre
  • Ensuring that blankets are folded and properly stored on cots after each rest period
  • Making sure that the sheets are laundered and cots disinfected weekly and / or when necessary
  • Sending blankets home weekly or bi-weekly to be laundered
  • Reporting and documenting all accidents and or incidents promptly to Management, no matter how minor they may be, a copy of the report must be placed in the child's file
  • Ensuring children’s safety during all transition times
  • Ensuring that all playground surfaces are free of debris/sand to avoid slips and falls
  • Ensuring classroom maintenance of all surfaces and equipment to avoid hazardous conditions
  • Recording all first aid injuries in Staff First Aid Log Book
  • Reading and adhering to our Behaviour Management Policy as required to meet legislation requirements
  • Adhering to our policies and procedures including our Employee Handbook, Playground Policy Manual, Occupational Health and Safety Manual
  • Adhering to all legislated requirements including but not limited to the Workplace Safety Insurance Board Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Fire and Health Department regulations and any other policies and procedures implemented by our centre or the Federal, Provincial or Municipal Government.


The Supply and Part-Time Staff are responsible for:

  • Participating in and contributing to Open Houses, Parent Conferences, Special Events and Shows
  • Preparing developmental records for parents
  • Being available for discussions with parents at all Parent Conferences
  • Attending monthly Staff Meetings and sharing new ideas which will better meet the needs of the centre overall
  • Maintaining a positive rapport with clients, co-workers and management
  • Providing a safe and inviting atmosphere for all children and through daily communication with parents, highlighting positive aspects of the child's day, as well as communicating any concerns he/she may have


The Supply and Part-time Staff must:

  • Be dressed and groomed appropriately and professionally at all times; the appearance of the people employed by our centre has a great deal to do with the overall impression we create of our company
  • Complying with our Footwear Policy
  • Be flexible to the daily business demands of the centre, including scheduled working hours and classroom assignment
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism and implement necessary improvements
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards job responsibilities
  • Demonstrate mutual respect towards supervisors and peers


The Supply and Part-Time Staff are responsible for:

  • Reporting to the Assistant Room Supervisor, the Room Supervisor and to the Centre Director