FDK Early Childhood Educator or Equivalent

Job ID: #49

Job Type:

  • Full-time

Required Experience:

  • Experience working with FDK children and programming with the ELECT Document is highly recommended: 1 year

Required Education:

  • Diploma/Certificate in ECE - Registered in the College of Early Childhood Educators
  • Current CPR & First Aid Certificates

Job Description:

Develop and actively participate in a dynamic, creative and physical childcare programme, that is able to meet the needs of all children * Ability to develop a warm, sincere and respected relationship with the children * Ability to work as a co-operative team member, maintaining an ongoing positive relationship with childcare and school staff and parents, working collaboratively with all * Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, and the ability to relay relevant and timely information and feedback to parents, staff and children with confidence * Effective behaviour management strategies * Ability to take initiative and follow through on tasks with little direction * Flexibility and enthusiasm, and an ability to respond to the children’s various needs and the ever-changing situations that occur within a childcare environment * Ability to lift up to 40lbs and meet the physical demands of the position * Have a good understanding of the Childcare & Early Years Act, ELECT, the Early Learning and Care Assessment for Quality Improvement and strive to ensure compliance in all areas.