Early Childhood Educator Needed

Job Posting ID #008

Employment Type Full-Time

Job Responsibilities Include
• Maintain an environment that ensures children’s health, safety and well-being; 
• Provide opportunities to the children to express creativity through music, art, exercise and etc.; 
• Discuss children’s progress or complications with their parents and other educators; 
• Develop and implement programs for the children to support and promote the emotional, physical, cognitive and social development of their brains; 
• Help and guide children in the development of dressing, using toilet and eating habits; 
• Assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions or comments that extend conversations; 
• Establish and carry out a daily activity schedule that incorporated child directed activity and care routines; 
• Ensure guidance of children’s behavior that encourages positive self-concept; 
• Observe and track children’s progress; 

• Completion of post-secondary education in early childhood education or related field is required. 
• Licensing by a provincial or territorial association for early childhood educators (ECE) is required

Work Experience minimum one year of experience in relating field